Early Childhood Program

Fernwood School is an affordable, holistic program nurturing conscious connections for ages three to six years old in Milwaukie, Oregon (just minutes from Downtown Portland). Our school meets the needs of preschoolers and kindergartners by being keenly aware of a child’s inner and outer growth and development. Our Waldorf-trained teachers are experts in the social, physical and emotional development of young children, focusing on three areas that are critical to children in this age range but are sometimes forgotten in other early childhood settings:

IMITATION – Imitation is the best way for a young child to learn. We provide an environment worthy of imitation through songs, stories, verse and activities such as cooking, baking, sewing, woodworking, and gardening.

PLAY – Play allows a child to learn through doing and to develop social skills. Countless studies have shown how important free play is to the development of self-regulation, self-discipline, imagination and much more.

RHYTHM – Whether it’s the words of a song, activities of the day, or the seasons – rhythm develops a feeling of security in a child, allowing them to move through the world with ease and confidence.

A typical day at Fernwood includes circle time, free play, group activity, clean up, rest, snack, story time, outdoor play, and a good-bye circle. Every child will find a healthy sense of rhythm throughout the year by integrating festivals and seasonal stories into the curriculum. Children acquire a strong foundation for future academic learning in a peaceful and warm way. The foundation of a child's development is fortified by:

~ Songs and nursery rhymes cultivate an intimacy with language
~ Oral stories, puppet shows, and dramatic play strengthen the memory, imagination, comprehension and vocabulary
~ Games and rhythmic activities enhance balance and gross motor development
~ Practical work develops coordination and concentration
~ Artistic activities develop the senses and fine motor skills
~ Free play strengthens imagination, social skills, problem solving skills and creative thinking

School Days/Hours:

3-Day Option: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday cost - $5,125/year
5-Day Option: Monday through Friday - $6,450/year