Ms. Emily

Ms. Emily grew up in Michigan playing by creekside and roaming through the woods, creating realms of imagination with her sisters, cousins and friends. Her mother started the first playgroup in her small town - a chance for moms to connect and children to play. Her mother was very creative and incorporated craft projects, games and many adventures as essential components of the playgroup. As such, Ms. Emily created amazing wonders out of whatever was around, and learned early on that everything has a story to tell, if we only listen.

Ms. Emily credits her parents for building the foundation for her secure attachment and confident engagement in the world, something she strives to foster in her work with young ones - encouraging each child to brightly shine their unique being into the world and to develop healthy relationships with human and non-human communities alike. She is a passionate protector of childhood and believes in the importance of providing space and time for children to live deeply and learn from Mother Earth; she gently weaves the seasonal rhythms throughout the year - an education based on wholeness, gratitude, care and attention (presence).

For the past two decades, Ms. Emily has worked as a Waldorf early childhood educator and is trained in both LifeWays and Waldorf methods. She also enjoys teaching classes for developing early childhood teachers. She is a proud mama and an author and illustrator of children's stories, one of which, "Fernwood", was the inspiration to name Fernwood School. During her free time, one of the many things Ms. Emily loves to do is paint. She is an incredible painter and continues to be sought out for commission work! In addition to painting, she loves to read, snuggle up with her family, have a cup of morning coffee with her nature friends, and last but not least, enjoys being present and grateful for each and every moment.

Ms. Michelle

Michelle Yorn has been passionate about her work as an early childhood teacher and parenting mentor, since completing her Waldorf early childhood training over a decade ago. She has served many families through her pre and postnatal yoga workshops, women's circles, doula work and is now a certified Becoming Us Facilitator. She is the founder of the Presently Parenting program and proud mama of two grown children who have been her most profound teachers. Her dedication to supporting, guiding, and nurturing families on the path of parenting is work she truly loves.

Ms. Amanda

In 2014, Ms. Amanda moved to Portland in search of a connection to the Portland Eurythmy Group and the local Waldorf school communities. She is happy to say that Portland and those communities have greatly exceeded her expectations!

For the past five years, Ms. Amanda has been working with Portland Eurythmy to create many sweet and lively performances - touring all around the Pacific Northwest. In the past three years, her connection to young children deepened through her work as an Early Childhood educator in aftercare. With her passion for Eurythmy and love for children, she was also able to combine the two by teaching Eurythmy to several different kindergarten and first grade classes.

Her work eventually led her way to Fernwood School. She’s grateful to Ms. Emily for all of the mentorship and kindness that she has offered as she continues to learn about the wonder-filled world of the young child.